OpenSpat training courses

This training program gives the skills and tools to analyze and interpret spatial data, which are widespread and of growing interest in the agricultural and environmental domains, with open access softwares.

The availability of spatial data is increasing every year, with the growing access to free satellite imagery, to cheap drone cameras and the omnipresence of GPS on all sort of devices, from our phones to farm tractors.

Many applications in agriculture and environmental sciences, which are often dealing with the organization of space and territories, can profit from those new sources of data, like precision farming, land-use planning, environmental monitoring, etc.

Those information can be extracted, analysed and turned into models to support better decisions : apply the right amount of fertilizer at the right place in the field, predict the future extension of an urban zone, draw a map of the flooding or fire risks…

To do that, you’ll need skills to access, extract, explore and analyse such data. And that’s exactly the purpose of this course, which use free and open tools like QGIS and R so that everybody can install and use them.